What an adventure!

1 November 2014

Hello Everybody,

It has been a while since we last contacted you all.
You may or you may not know it but myself and Dsaerg have been trying our hardest to export webtoons to an English audience; from projects like Cheese in the Trap to the Orange Marmalade webtoon and even venturing in US webtoons with Anna & Toby. We have an amazing news for you today!

We've decided to team up with the team at Tapastic. Tapastic offers great selection of webcomics including some of the best Korean webtoons; we firmly believe that their webtoon portfolio is what we all have ever wanted.

If you want to read many more future translations from the Webtoon Live Team, head over to tapastic.com.

Thank you for your continuous support!
Maxcmoi & Dsaerg

Read our full press release here.